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Our Exhibitors, Free Talks & Workshops

      EXHIBITORS    &   FREE TALKS - WORKSHOPS  (keep scrolling below exhibitor list)


Business NameExhibitorContact 
Alex Belojica - Runes/Numerology Alex Belojica  
Angel Whispers Martin Harrison  
Ask For Spiritual Guidance Michelle Prior  
Avalon Aura Photography Jenny Crouch  
Balanced Being Correana White  
Blooming Oils Ann Edwards  
Brahma Kumaris Swansea Brahma Kumaris  
Celtic Quiet Jacqui Bastock  
Celtic Tarot Kay Downie  
Chakra Project Shah  
Crafty Soap Shack Sam    
doTERRA Cassie Watts  
Dreamstone Holistics Helen Jane Meyrick  
FHT Swansea Susan Cole    
Forever Living Products Nicola Gore  
Frosty Green Grocer Kelly/Mike Frost  
Govindas Govindas  
Gower College Linda Robins    
Havening Wales Marilyn Hawkins  
Healers Hands Mark Lange  
Love Technologies Ian Griffiths  
Macrovioletics Violeta Alonso Mananes  
Metaphysical Therapies Wendy Vickery    
Moksha Andrea Davies  
Natural Art Toby Negus    
Natural Health Service Rhian Davies-Powell  
Palmistry Anna Lee    
Panida Thai Therapy Swansea Supanya  
Past Life Regression Jacquelyn Porter  
PHG Lucy Maxwell-Cooze  
Psychic Surgery Valerie Walker    
Real World Living Jennifer Foster  
Shop Holistic Lloyd/Danielle Bryant  
Six Scents Des Cato    
Spirit Of India Catherine Macmillan  
Sprouting Stephanie  Basford-Morris  
The Body Organic Susie Johnston  
The Bruno Groening Circle Of Friends Michael McArdle  
The Centre Jim Fox/Kiera L Jones  
The Neem People Sidney/Marjorie Vincent  
The Old Mill Foundation Sarah Clark / Rosie Stanbridge  
The School Of Naturopathic Nutrition Emma Jones Phillips/Steve Phillips  
True Slimness Sofia Bothwell  
YogaOmni Huriyah A-Sabur  
Well Being Essences Ltd Juliet and Ian  

                      Free Talks & Workshops

This will be updated on a daily basis as times and talks may change!

 Saturday                                  Workshops                                                                                                                                                                 
 11.00 How I reversed my cancer diagnosis Danielle Bryant
 12.00 Interactive workshop- learn to use 4 dowsing tools and their applications Sidney Vincent
  1.00 Mind Body Work and How It Can Change Your Life Wendy Vickery
  2.00 7 Secrets to amazing health with the naturopathic nutrtion approach Emma Jones Phillips
  3.00 Electro-magnetic Radiation And How To Protect Yourself - discover common everyday sources of radiation, effects on health, solutions, tips and products Ian Griffiths - Love Technologies
  4.00 The End Is Insight -1 hour workshop Jim Fox
 12.00 Macrobiotics - energy and balance in food and life Violetta Alonso Mananes
 12.30 Banish your bothered bowels and bloated bellies Correana White
   1.30 Natural Healing Using Essential Oils - a brief examination of how to use Essential Oils to improve your enviroment Ann Edwards - Blooming Oils
   2.00 An Introduction To Palmistry Anna lee
   2.30 Meditation and Meditation Training Jacqui Bastock
 Sunday  Workshops  
 12.00 Make Your Own Natural Remedies with Essential Oils Ann Edwards
   1.00 How to feel alive and thrive Correana White
   2.00 Crytals and Crystal therapy Jacqui Bastock
   3.00 doTERRA essential Oils-how and why they work Cassie Watts


Laughter Yoga Workshop Kiera L Jones
 12.30 Help and Healing on the path through the teaching of Bruno Groening Michael McArdle
  1.00 The History and Application of The Runes Alex Belojica
  1.30 Change your mind, transform your life Steve Phillips
  2.00 How to overcome compulsive eating and lose excess weight for good Sofia Bothwell
  2.30 Havening Therapy - what is it? How can it help you Marilyn Hawkins
  3.00 The power of spiritual self-belief 1 hour workshop Sarah Trueman

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