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      EXHIBITORS    &   FREE TALKS - WORKSHOPS  (keep scrolling below exhibitor list)


Business NameExhibitorContact 
Alex Belojica - Runes/Numerology Alex Belojica  
Angel Whispers Martin Harrison  
Armonija Holistic Therapies Philippa Lowcock MAR  
Aromair Limited Dathan Berry  
Ask For Spiritual Guidance Michelle Prior  
Aura Photography Tonya Houtingwolfe    
Biopulsar Reflexograph Mandeep Bhattal  
Blue Tulip Wellbeing Helen Neal  
Celtic Quiet Jacqui Bastock  
Chi-Mind,Body & Spirit Academy Tracee Cullen  
Divine Grace Shaktipat Ruby Ryan www.DIVINEUP.COM  
doTERRA Cassie Watts  
Dragon Wisdom Books Ian Morris  
Emmett Technique in Wales Judith Johnson  
Forever Living Products Nicola Gore  
Gentle Whispers Reflexology Allison Griffiths-Jones  
Govindas Govindas  
Gower College Swansea Gower College Swansea  
H & H Psychic Spiritual Mediums  
Healers Hands Mark Lange    
Holistic Therapies  Anna Lee  
Love Technologies Ian Griffiths  
Magnolia-Centre For Health and Wellbeing Hannah/Selena Booth  
Mandeep Bhatthal Mandeep Bahatthal  
Marvellous Superfoods The Old Mill Foundation  
Moss Green Organics Lorraine Fish  
NaturAlly FED Federico Podeschi  
Natural Health Service Rhian Davies-Powell  
Nick Ashron Spiritual Artwork Nick Ashron  
Nigtstar Flutes Steve Frost  
Old Mill Foundation Sarah Clark  
Recepie For Health UK Margaret Cook  
Sacred Earth Essentials Tonya Houtingwolfe  
Sha-Ka-Ree Sheila Bassett  
Shangrala Healing Centre Clyde Hughes  
Shop Holistic Lloyd/Danielle Bryant  
The Crystal Haven Lisa Thomas  
The FAB Company Kim Davies  
The Template Leafe  
The Warrior of Peace Steve Roger Phillips  
Tropic Skincare and Makeup Llewella Jones  
True Slimness Sofia Bothwell  
Wattsup Wellness Cassie Watts  
Well Being Essences Ltd Juliet and Ian  

                      Free Talks & Workshops

This will be updated on a daily basis as times and talks may change!

 Saturday                                  Workshops                                                                                                                                                                 
 12.00 Healing The Eating Habit - natural, permanent weight loss. Addiction- busting methos for weight loss Sofia Bothwell
  1.00  .. An Introduction To EMMETT technique - come along to this fabulous demonstration and discussion  Judith Johnston
  2.00 Electro-Magnetic Radiation and How To Protect Yourself - Ian will go through common sources of radiation and its effects on health and finish with advice, solutions and products Ian Griffiths
  3.00 A Demonstration Of Mediumship Martin harrison
 Saturday  Talks  
12pm The Art Of Sitting, Just With Yourself - The world is unsettled, people rush about mending, fixing, trying to improve. We have very little acceptance, with just a little a great deal can happen. effortless ease dawns. Openeing up to acceptance and letting go  Ruby Ryan
 12.30 Linking sacred gemetry to health on all levels and the evoloution and expansion of consciousness  Leafe
 1pm History Of Runes   Alex Belojica
 1.30  An Introduction to Palmistry  Anna Lee
 2pm Meditation and Meditation Teacher Training   Jacqui Bastock
 2.30  Moving On Up - Making the most of the exciting time we have chosen to live in, raising our personal energy vibration and that of the planet to beneft ourselves, Mother earth, and all those who live with her  Helen Neal
 Sunday  Workshops  
 11.00 The Five Reiki Precepts - A look at Dr Usuis five Ethical Principles for Reiki practice and living - useful for anyone attuned to Reiki at any level, or anyone interested in the idea of Reiki  Helen Neal
 12.00 Electro-magnetic Radiation and How To Protect Yourself - Ian will go through common sources of radiation, effects on health and finish with advice, solutions and products Ian Griffiths
   1.00  12 Major Circuits In The Energy Field - how to permanantly and effortlessly connect these, healing relationships and removing fear, in ceremony using sacred geometry  Leafe
   2.00 Crytals and Crystal Therapies Jacqui Bastock
   3.00 Are You A Warrior Of Peace? - in this workshopSteve will share with you secrets, tools and tips on how to tap into your purpose and mission, how to maximise your natural gifts and talents, then package them in a way that you can seamlessll transform your life and the lives of others.  Steve Roger Phillips


 Sunday  Talks  
 12.30  Kinesiology  Danielle Bryant
   1.00  History Of Runes  Alex Belojica
   1.30  The Importance Of Good Nutrition- with so many diseases being linked to nutrition come along and find out how to eat well for mind and body  Margaret Cook
   2.00  Healing The Habit -how to loose excess weight by resolving the emotional issues that can cause overeating Sofia Bothwell

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