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Our Exhibitors, Free Talks & Workshops

      EXHIBITORS    &   FREE TALKS - WORKSHOPS  (keep scrolling below exhibitor list)

       (updated as confirmed weekly for our April Event)

Business NameExhibitorContact
A Laughing Heart Faye Bradbury
Alex Belojica - Runes/Numerology Alex Belojica
Aromair Limited Dathan Berry
Attic Tea Ric and Anne Vaughan-Davies
Angel Blessings Teresa Sherlock
Bach Flower Remedies Jean Lang
Beautiful Earth Susannah Hollett
Blue Tulip Wellbeing Helen Neal
Brahama Kumaris Sarah Trueman
Cariad Animal Healing Ian Morris  
Caruna Holistic Therapy Carol Evans
Celtic Quiet Jacqui Bastock
Celtic Tarot Kay Downie
Energy Healing Joan Clarke
Fitsteps Sam Swansea Sam Thomas
Forest Reflexions Ali Reeves
Forever Living Vickie Scrine
4life Research Maria Cristina Uribe
Govindas Govindas
Gower AONB Mike Scott
Gower College Gower College
Healers Hands Mark Lange
Health and Herbs Health and Herbs & Wellbeing Health
Herbal Life Steve Campisi/Lisa Young
Holistic Health Check Mandeep Bhatthal
Holistic Therapist James Carmichael
Homeopathy Rita Kara Robinson
Indie Rose Lorna Crook
Interface Minister Rev. Barbara Maya
Killay Spine Clinic Stephen Smith
Life Leap Hypnotherapy Ludwig Esser
Light Of Love Healing Gaynor Vine
Magnet Megastore Tim Bethell
Marvellous Superfood Dixey Brooks/Zeta Freeman
Moksha Andrea Davies
New Vistas Healthcare Kate Cagney
Natural Health Service Rhian Davies Powel
Natural Health Service Therapists

Beth Cox, Danielle Hollaway
Panida Tai Therapy Supanya Hewson
Partylite Helen Waters
Personal Training Services James Miller
Pobl David Bentley Miller/Nikki Lee
Psychic & Intuative Tarot Janette Ann Coombe
Riverford Organic David and Julie Brooks
Rosebud Project Rev Barbara Maya
Sacred-Earth Ltd Tonya Houtingwolf
Seasonal Cookery Violetta Alonso Mariannes
Shiatzu Violetta Alonso Mariannes
Six Scents Des Cato
Sound Healing Therapies Faith Challinor-Wheatley
Speaking Tree Wales Ian Morris  
Spiritual Trinity Tim Gasser
Sprouting Stephanie  Basford-Morris
Strawberry Fields Jane Stevenson
SW Wales Nordic Walking Mike Aspland
Swansea Community Farm Kate Gibbs
The Centre Jim Fox / Kiera Jones
The Neem People Sidney/Marjorie Vincent
The AmberDen Foundation Frank Connor-Hughes
The Old Mill Foundation Sarah Clark / Rosie Stanbridge
Tropic Skincare Natalie/Caroline/Janine
Tutor Doctor Ian & Joanna Hodgson  
 Viney Hearing  Michelle Viney
 Wales Adventist Lifestyle Team  Lil Saunders
 Walford- Richards Design  James Richards

                      Free Talks & Workshops

Talks & Workshops                          Saturday                                                
11.30 Maintaining a Healthy Diet 'on the move' - James Miller
12.00  What can dowsing do for me? - Sidney Vincent
12.30 (1 hour workshop)  Introduction to Himalayan Singing Bowls - Faith Challinor-Wheatley
12.30  History and Benefits of Meditation - Tim Gasser
1.00  Connecting to Spirit via Tools - Kay Downie
1.30 (1 hour workshop)  Help From The Angels - Helen Neal
1.30  History Of The Runes - Alex Belojica
2.00 The Business of Therapy - Frank Connor-Hughes
2.30 (1 hour workshop)

 What does your energy say about you? - Susannah Hollett     

2.30  The Bowen Technique - Mark Lange
3.00  Meditation Teacher Training - Jacqui Bastock
3.30 (1 hour workshop)  Living In The Stillness - Jim Fox
3.30 Self Esteem Through Self Understanding - Brahma Kumaris
4.30 (1 hour workshop)

Bach Flower Remedies - £10 including a personal remedy - Jean Lang

Talks & Workshops                        Sunday                                                    
11.30 (1 hour workshop)       Messages From Mother Divine - Rev Barbara Maya
12.30 The Many Applications Of Crystal Therapy - Susannah Hollett
12.30(1 hour workshop) Interactive Dowsing Workshop - Sidney Vincent
1.00 Transfer Factors and The Immune System - Christina Uribe
1.30 (1 hour workshop) The Elephant In The Room - Kiera Jones
1.30 A Ripe Old Age - Helen Neal
2.00 Seasonal Cookery and Macrobiotics - Violeta Mananes
2.30 The Benefits Of Nordic Walking - Mike Aspland
2.30 (1 hour workshop) The 4 Stages Of Meditation - Tim Gasser
3.00 The Bowen Technique - Mark Lange
3.30 (1 hour workshop) Connecting With Crystals - Jacqui Bastock
3.30  A Singing Bowl Meditation - Rev Barbara Maya
4.00 Bach Flower Remedies - Jean Lang

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