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Event: Health " Wellbeing Expo: Venue: The LC - Swansea. Date: April 1st - 2nd 2017 Read More

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Business NameExhibitorContact
Afan Soap House Lorraine Fish
Alex Belojica - Runes/Numerology Alex Belojica
Align Therapies Sian George
Amberden Frank and Kerrie
Angel Whispers Martin Harrison
Ask For Spiritual Guidance Michelle Prior
Attic Tea Anne Sheeky
Avalon Aura Photography Jenny Crouch
Blooming Oils Ann Edwards
Celtic Tarot Kay Downie
Chakra Project Shah
Colors of Life Svetlana Wilkes
Evergreen Life Juli Campey
Design4Life Steve Jenkins  
Forever Living Products Nicola Gore
Govindas Govindas
Healers Hands Mark Lange
Lana Morris - Discover Colour Lana Morris
Love Technologies Ian Griffiths
Marvellous Superfoods Perly Freeman
Mediumship/healing Faye Bradbury
Minute Massage Ben Stringer
Moksha Andrea Davies
Mystic Amy's Emporium Amy Price
Natural Health Service Rhian Davies-Powell
Norwex Andrea Kynoch
Palmistry Anna Lee  
Restore Balance Hazel Bridgewater
Riverford Julie Brooks
Sprouting Stephanie  Basford-Morris
The AmberDen Foundation Frank Connor-Hughes/Kerrie Williams
The Bruno Groening Circle Of Friends Michael McArdle
The Old Mill Foundation Sarah Clark / Rosie Stanbridge

                      Free Talks & Workshops

This will be updated on a daily basis as times and talks may change!

 11.30  A Demonstration Of Palmistry  Anna Lee
 12.00  A Demonstration Of Mediumship  Martin Harrison
  1.00  .The History And Application Of The Runes  Alex Belojica
  1.30  Natural Healing Using Essential Oils - a brief examination of how to use Essential Oils to improve your enviroment  Ann Edwards - Blooming Oils
  2.00  An Introduction Bruno Groening  Michael McArdle
  3.00  Electro-magnetic Radiation And How To Protect Yourself - discover common everyday sources of radiation, effects on health, solutions, tips and products  Ian Griffiths - Love Technologies

 Changing Your Paradigm (minset) using a system newly developed from a process brought out in the 1950's by Maltz Psycho

 Frank Connor-Hughes
 11.30  Tools For Life - How To Connect To Source  Kay Downie
 12.00  A Demonstration Of Mediumship  Martin Harrison
 1.00 The Secret Life Of Teas: A journey into plant intelligence and how it can improve our health and guide our personal evolution Attic Teas
 1.30 Simple Ways To Stay Well Sarah Clark - The Old Mill Foundation
 2.00 Norwex - A brief introduction describing our global mission 'to Improve Quality Of Life By Radically Reducing Chemicals Used In The Home' Andrea Kynoch
 2.30 The Benefits Of Olive Leaves Juli Campey - Evergreen Life
 3.00 Colour And Self Healing - a brief overview of the colour mirrors system and how it taps into our subconscious patterns enabling us to release self-limiting beliefs and hear our intuition. Lana Morris - Discover Colour
 3.30 Nature's Remedies - How to create an essential oil healing blend - a step by step demo of developing a blend and how to use it Ann Edwards - Blooming Oils

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